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Core Impact Golf by

Larry Castro

“Core Impact Golf Book”  Sample GMA Exercise.  The most powerful teaching method ever! Order Now


LAS VEGAS - If you're coming to Vegas in the near future, make sure to pack your sticks.

With the warmer temperatures racing through the Southwest, cool tee-time deals with many of Las Vegas' golf courses check in at well under $100 per round. Get 'em while they're hot. More

The golf swing must be taught in the terms of motion and not positions. Traditional golf instruction has taught focusing on positions and pieces of the golf swing in static terms.

What typically transpires during the instruction is the student’s subconscious receives the information and reproduces a pieced golf swing rather than a fluid reproduction of a golf swing. We must, in our instruction and development,work with and train in fluid movements  More

USGFA & PGFA  Celebrates 29 Years Anniversary

Founded By Larry Castro PGFA Master Instructor

PGFA Opens New Performance Center in Escondido California where they will host PGFA certifications and Performance programs. They have developed the integration of club fitting, and the PGFA ‘Golf Muscle Activation™” Program, as well as the first holistic and continual system of performance enhancement in the golf industry. They have launched the Golf Performance Cycle where they identify everyone's Performance DNA and analyse the codes of perfection.  

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Fluid Strength Training

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Stack and Tilt Golf Swing Videos by Medicus Golf



PGFA Home Study “Golf Fitness GPA” Certification

PGFA Online Golf Fitness GPA Certification 2016 Offer $249.00!  You will Save $349.00 today with a total value of $598.00 This offer includes a one year PGFA membership.  Order now $249.00 plus S&H.

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